Insurance of legal entities

Property insurance (fire risk)

The risk of damage or destruction of the insured property due to the occurrence of any events - insurance “all risks”, including:

  • Earthquakes, floods, subsidence of soil, avalanche.
  • Insurance of industrial enterprises, including section BI and MB.
  • BI (Business Interruption) - the risk of loss of income from forced downtime as a result of "fire" risks.
  • MB (Machinery Breakdown) - the risk of failure of machinery and equipment.

Technical Risk Insurance

Energy: power plants and nuclear power plants,
Industrial objects, including equipment.
Specificity of insurance of technical risk is that in assessing the likelihood of damage and the possible consequences of each technology requires knowledge of the type of production. Professional underwriters evaluate each type individually.


Covers risks of material damage:

  • object under construction, CPM and CPE
  • Advance Loss of Profit
  • Debris removal
  • Third party liability
  • Extended maintenance

Cargo insurance

All Risks


Professional Liability Insurance

Risks of liability for damages resulting from unintended errors and omissions of the Insured in the process of carrying out professional activities.

Well and Drilling Insurance

Losses resulting from the restoration of control over the well;
accidents that occurred as a result of:

  • natural disasters and natural hazards: storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes
  • fire
  • displacement of soil and rock fold
  • the fall of the derrick or crane
  • collision of land vehicles, the fall of air vehicles or cargo from them
  • errors in calculations and design
  • illegal actions of third parties.

Aviation and airports insurance

Covered risks:

  • death, missing or damage to the aircraft as a result of a collision with other aircraft, birds
  • loss, destruction or damage to the aircraft, in direct connection with the technical and / or commercial maintenance of the aircraft on the territory of the aerodrome
  • third party liability and airline operations
  • The responsibility for escorting, take-off and landing of the aircraft by the control room and the responsibility of the aerodrome services for ground handling.

Marine hull insurance

Voyage policy - covers the vessel for a particular voyage

Time policy - covers the vessel for a period of time, usually 12 months

Perils Covered:

    • Fire, explosion - "explosion" as intended by the policy covers not only explosion on-board the ship but explosions elsewhere as well
    • Violent theft by persons from outside the vessel
    • Jettison
    • Piracy (similar to violent theft)
    • нBreakdown of or accident to nuclear installation or reactors - these refer to machinery installed in the ship as part of its propulsion mechanism;
    • Contact with aircraft or similar objects falling therefrom, land conveyance, deck or harbor equipment or installation
    • Earthquake, volcanic eruption, lightning

Individual Insurance

Skala Reinsurance Brokers Ltd provides insurance services for property and transport of individuals, starting at a value of 50,000,000.00 rubles.